Stride Couriers 
Environmental Policy

Stride Courier Services Ltd – Environmental Statement

At Stride Couriers, we are aware of the environmental issues our planet is facing and the current climate crisis. We acknowledge our role in this as a Transport company and how we can make significant changes to our impact on the environment through responsible operation and management of our business.

Protecting our planet is very important to us and we review our environmental responsibilities and sustainability goals on a regular basis to see where and how we can continue to improve in this area. We use careful route planning and efficient fuel management to keep our emissions to a minimum and we take several measures to offset our carbon footprint, such as the ‘EcoPoint’ charge through our fuel card usage. 

Additionally, we have a stringent waste management policy in place, operating virtually paper-free in our office, recycling and re-using where we can, and reducing the amount of waste we produce as a business overall. We implement new policies and procedures regularly to keep us in line with our environmental aims and help protect the future of our community and planet as well as supporting environmental charities and organisations. We have long term plans to invest in greener transport where possible, including electric vehicles and alternative fuel solutions.

We are committed to lowering our use of fossils fuels and reducing our overall carbon emissions and we will achieve this through working collaboratively with our industry partners, supply chain and customer base as well as raising awareness both internally and externally.

Our policies and processes are continually changing and improving to ensure we stay on track with meeting our environmental and sustainability goals.

Currently, we have set the following pledges to help keep us in line with our aims:

As a business we will:

Keep up-to-date with both European and Global environmental policies and guidelines, ensuring we are operating in line with current legislation at all times. Commit funding to researching and developing more efficient ways to work with minimum impact on the environment. Regular staff training of staff to improve awareness of environmental issues and promote responsible working practices. Continue progressing towards our ultimate goals of a fully electric/carbon neutral vehicle fleet and operating our business at NetZero across all aspects of the company. Our Environmental policy reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and working towards a more sustainable future. As part of our Green Strategy, we base our minimum sustainability goals in with line the global Sustainable Development goals set out by the UN to reach NetZero by 2050 with the intention of going above and beyond