Corona Virus delivery precautions for Stride Couriers 


We are heading into a difficult period where the Corona Virus is having a huge effect all across the UK. While many business sectors are closing down, Stride Couriers remain vigilant and will carry on with business as usual.

We are, however, taking the following safety precautions while out delivering your goods and parcels:

Safe distances

We are advising our drivers not to make physical contact with each other and all drivers are to deliver alone. We will still be doing two-man deliveries but, where possible, drivers will be meeting each other at the collection location.

Protective wear

We are encouraging all drivers to wear a protective mask. Please don’t be alarmed if you see our drivers delivering or collecting parcels with a mask on, it is a standard part of the Corona Virus delivery precautions we are taking.

You may also see some of our couriers wearing blue or white surgical gloves. Some drivers will have their own alternative gloves.


All drivers are required to have anti-bacterial wipes and hand gel in their vehicle and must use these every time they have to leave the van, pick up a parcel, pallet or any other packages – even if they are collecting from a warehouse, shop or Hospital where anti-bacterial supplies have to be used at all times.


Here at Stride Couriers, we’re trying to take as many precautions as possible to keep our clients, employees and partners safe. We are still doing the same delivery services as usual; Same-day and next day deliveries, two-man delivery jobs, collections within the hour. Also, our usual vehicles are available; small vans, midi vans, large vans and extra long wheel base vans, removals, multi drops. All delivery services are still running as normal.

Our pricing will remain the same as we will be retaining our competitive prices throughout this difficult time. Our Corona Virus delivery precautions are significant enough for us to remain open through these uncertain times. We know that businesses all across the UK will depend on our courier services to keep running and keep your deliveries flowing across the UK.

Our courier partners are taking similar precautions to keep business flowing as usual, so no matter where you are we can assure you that when can get a courier to your location with the same fast and reliable service. Our online booking system is in full effect so you can still book a courier through it when you need one. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact us.