Stride Courier Services UK’s Next-day & Same-day Delivery  Service

Environmental Policy


Here at Stride Couriers the UK’s next-day & Same-day delivery service, we care about the planet and we are acutely aware of the devastating effects that carbon emissions can have on the environment and its wider contribution to climate change.

That’s why we are committed to lowering our use of fossils fuels and setting pledges to work towards our goal of becoming a greener business by reducing our carbon footprint and setting high environmental standards within the transport industry.

Our Pledges:

In order to achieve this goal, we are make the following pledges:



  • Our intentions is to fund internal research projects to ensure we are offering the most efficient service we can with minimum impact on the environment


  • We will continue working towards our ultimate goal of a fully electric vehicle fleet and operating a carbon neutral business across all aspects of the company.