3.5 tonne Luton Van

3.5 Ton Truck

Euro Pallets: 6

UK Standard Pallets: 6 

Cubic Meters: 12

Payload (Kg): 1,600

7.5 tonne truck

7.5 Ton Truck

Euro Pallets: 12

UK Standard Pallets: 10 

Cubic Meters: 12

Payload (Kg): 3,200

7.5 tonne truck

18 Ton Truck

Euro Pallets: 18

UK Standard Pallets: 16

Cubic Meters: 52

Payload (Kg): 10,000

21 tonne truck

26 Ton Truck

Euro Pallets: 21

UK Standard Pallets: 18

Cubic Meters: 60

Payload (Kg): 15,000

Articulated truck

44 Ton Artic

Euro Pallets: 33

UK Standard Pallets: 26

Cubic Meters: 80

Payload (Kg): 28,000

Articulated truck

44 Ton Artic & Mega Trailer

Euro Pallets: 33

UK Standard Pallets: 26 

Cubic Meters: 85

Payload (kg): 28,500


Stride Couriers Truck Pallet Load Guide

Need to Know How Many Pallets Fit on a Truck? We have put together this handy guide to illustrate how many pallets you can fit on different truck sizes.

If you are planning transportation of multiple pallets and need to know which truck size will be required, this guide will provide the information you’re looking for.

At Stride Couriers, we have on our own fleet, and across our partner network, access to all sizes of vehicles from 7.5T trucks right up to articulated lorries and everything in between.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of transporting pallets across the UK and provide both same day, next day and dedicated day services on pallet transport.

Take a look at our guide to see how many pallets can fit on which size trucks so you can work out what solution you need to fit your transport needs or call us to discuss your requirements.